Growth of British Interbank rates

Events that should be paid to today:

Not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics.


In the interbank lending market in London, the spread was expanded between LIBOR rates for the pound and the dollar, which signals the continuation of the ascending trend in this currency pair. It is the dynamics of interest rates in the coming months will have a strong impact on the course of trading in this currency pair. Whose central bank will increase the interest and faster The rate, the more expensive there will be a currency. As long as we are leading the Bank of England, who this month suddenly increased the discount rate and promised to continue this process at the beginning of next year. An additional support for the pound will have an oil market, since assets historically correlated with honey. Brent oil on the eve ended the bidding on a 4-week maximum – investors buy oil contracts against the background of a strong reduction in hydrocarbon reserves in the world’s largest economies.

Trading Recommendation: BUY 1.3365 / 1.3343 and Take Profit 1.3412.