Choosing a reliable Forex broker is the most important step in any trader’s job. It is important that the company cares about the interests of its client. The above assessment of the Russian Federation Forex brokers will tell you which services users appreciate more. This is the quality of the services offered by the selected company, which ultimately influences whether you will succeed in currency trading. Given that the Forex market in 2019 in Russia is only beginning to be regulated by law, you should pay special attention to this issue. Be careful in choosing a broker, you invest your own money and should work for you!For the right choice, you need an independent Forex broker Rating, allowing you to identify the best Brokerer companies. This is the rating we’ve created for you.The basis for choosing a company should be comprehensive. You must meet all the criteria: the credibility and image of the broker in the market, the history of work in Russia and the availability of educational materials. An important feature in the ranking of Forex Broker is the convenience and continuity of the trading platform, quick technical support and finally low spreads. If you plan a contract with a long-term perspective, a large span can spend a significant part of the deposit.

Our ranking brokers in Russia and the world for 2018-2019 years

how to choose a reliable broker?

The rating allows visitors to our website to thoroughly investigate the trading conditions of known foreign brands from all over the world. Along with them, the table presents the Russian-speaking companies that have become popular among Russian-speaking entrepreneurs. The main goal of the Forex brokers ranking is to provide the most comprehensive and independent set of information for 2018-2019 reliability.


Forex Broker is an intermediary company that gives its clients the opportunity to trade in financial markets. Individuals do not have direct access to exchange transactions, and Forex, although different from other markets, is no exception. In addition to executing client orders, the Forex Broker provides its customers with leverage (because the standard trading batch is 100 000 units of base currency) and other services.The activities of the brokers are monitored by the national regulatory authorities and non-state associations and associations. There are two categories of brokers:

Kitchen Companies

how to choose a reliable broker?

Such companies operate on a transaction center basis, not a broker. They do not take customer transactions to interbank, but leave them inside their own “ecosystem”. Thus, clients trade with each other, or from DC itself, on a casino basis. Such organizations do not use the client to make money, so they create various obstacles for successful traders. It could be a scam of quotes (because the company is in full price control), Slipgo and revots (always against the position of the trader) and sometimes even freeze the deposit without explanation.

Forex Brokers and Bank

how to choose a reliable broker?

In the case of cooperation with such companies, the client’s orders are executed according to the market quotes issued by the largest liquidity providers. Transactions are made directly on the interbank, where the Broker is looking for counterparties, and he acts as an intermediary intermediary. The Broker is interested in the success of the trader, because with the increase in his deposit grows and the volume of trades, and the company commissions.Brokers that are branches of Forex large commercial banks are the most reliable as they are reliable and robust financial organization. Such companies are more demanding to deposit, but traders do not have to doubt the authenticity of the citations and the fact of reversing the transaction to interbank.


The main task of the broker is to bring customer orders to the market and find a counterparty with the most profitable offer. However, companies also perform other functions: 

  • Analyse the market situation and provide the customer with up-to-date analytical information;
  • Maintaining financial statements lawfully, protecting traders ‘ confidential information;
  • Risk control in transactions and timely customer communications;
  • If necessary-assessment of the potential profitability of the transaction, investment advice to clients;
  • Providing trust management services, mediation in search of a professional trader or investor;
  • Learn the basics of trading in financial markets, paid or free.;

The more different services a Broker offers to prospective customers, the more traders and investors will want to cooperate with such a company.


how to choose a reliable broker?

In order not to be fooled and not to stay without profit, and without an initial deposit, you should responsibly approach the choice of the broker. Evaluating Forex Brokers 2019 will help narrow your search in Russia to the most reliable companies, but with this list you have to choose an organization that meets your needs as much as possible.

Forex Broker has a number of important features:

  1. The “age” of the company;
  2. Broker licences and regulations;
  3. Country of registration, place of Headquarters, number and geography of offices;
  4. Terms of business;
  5. Quality of customer service;

Even the best brokers are different in a sense, and this allows the trader to choose a company in which trading conditions are optimally tailored to his style of work on the market. The key option for trading terms is the spread (the difference in buy and sell prices), which usually includes the company fee for the services of brokers. Sometimes the Commission is calculated separately.If the trader is doing a large number of “quick” trades, the value of the spread or commission for opening/closing positions will be the key for it. But if the broker client prefers long-term positional turnover, that one-off spread fates in the background, and the most appropriate indicator is swap, as it is charged and written out once a day.Not the last value in commercial terms has a platform for making trades as well as the speed of their execution. However, at the beginning of 2018, problems with transaction execution speed-rarity, especially for brokers with the highest rating lines.With regard to trade terminals, more than 90% of companies are the MT 4 trading platform, which, despite the “old” age, remains the most popular Forex trading program. Some companies also have online terminals and mobile apps available – it will be an extra Plus in the eyes of merchants who don’t have the ability to be constantly behind their desktop computer.


how to choose a reliable broker?

Since licences and regulations are the main parameters of broker reliability in 2019, many traders are wondering which Broker is best to start cooperating with: with a Forex broker with a CB license, or with an international company that has certificates European regulators.On the one hand, a central bank license imposes certain restrictions on a Russian company, such as a reduction in leverage that does not fit some traders. At the same time, foreign brokers are willing to provide leverage at least 1:1000. International brokers also often have more commercial assets.However, leverage is not the key to profitable trading, and for convenient trading experienced speculators enough 1:50, approved by the central Bank. A central bank license is the only document giving legal protection to the clients of the broker who received it. During the FCA, BaFin and CySEC, though reputable organizations, do not have the right to validity in Russia.Brokers with a central bank license are objectively, the most reliable Forex companies in Russia in 2019. A full list of such brokers can be found here above.


how to choose a reliable broker?

In order to make the most appropriate choice of the company to trade in the financial market, you need to analyze all the factors in the complex, as each of them matters. Even the most seemingly insignificant criterion can be decisive in a given situation. It is important to take into account all the factors at the same time. 
Company ageIt is not that the longer the company is on the market, the more reliable, but the “kitchen” frauds rarely keep on the surface for over a few years. If the Broker defeated the threshold of 10 years, it means that the company is conducting a fair business, otherwise the customer complaints attracted the attention of the relevant structures a long time ago, and the company would be CLOSED.

Headquarters and branches

Choose a Russian broker or foreign? It is important how many offices the company has opened around the world, and where it is central. Registration and headquarters in London or Moscow inspire more confidence than Jur. Address for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In addition, the vast geography of the office location sits in evidence of the seriousness of the organization and the fact that it is not afraid to “show face”. 

Number of broker clients

Here everything is simple-the more customers the company has, the more confidence it has, which shows the credibility of the broker.

Reputation and trader Feedback

Beginners in the Forex market will be quite difficult to assess the veracity of the reviews that they leave on the forums of different people, because among them often come across both twisted reviews and black PR. However, if the company works really honestly, and provides a high quality service, it is quite difficult to defame because the forums have enough and experienced traders who will immediately notice the absurdity of the comment and write them An objective opinion.

Customer Agreement

The broker agreement should be carefully considered, and if the questions arise, ask them the right person before making any commitments. You can also ask for clarification to customer service at the same time to rate your work. For the uninitiated person can be incomprehensible different nuances, and as the opening and benvently broker advisors behave, also characterizes the company.

Trading conditions of the brokerage company

The most “volume” option that includes several features and services:

  1. Execution Model of orders. It is better to cooperate with ECN (STP)-Broker, because such a company withdraws money on interbank and share the interests of the trader as he earns the commissions on the transaction. DDE-Firm, on the contrary, is interested in “drain” the customer’s deposit, as it is his earnings (these companies are called “kitchens”).
  2. Spreads and commissions. The most important parameter for short-term traders, which is easy to compare in the ranking-in the table there is a column with the appropriate name. It is worth noting the too “narrow” spreads-the Broker should earn something, and if not on spreads and commissions, then what?
  3. The number of assets will be important for traders who prefer a wide range of investments rather than being settled on Eurodollar.
  4. Origin of quotations. The larger and more reliable broker’s liquidity provider, the more “Real” Price is broadcast in the terminal.


In 2019, the ranking Top of Brokers.Ru contains the most reliable Russian companies and foreign brokers according to the portal, the trade with which is really profitable. However, each trader has its own priorities, besides, even with the best need to make a final choice. Various additional features and evaluation options will help you in this task, moreover, about the features of broker selection can be read in more detail in this article “How to choose a Forex broker?”.By default, the rating shows the key parameters of brokerage companies:

  1. Regulation
  2. Reviews
  3. Payment systems;
  4. Minimum deposit;
  5. Spread et al.

Convenient with a list of brokers

If necessary, you can quickly add other parameters, such as the number of CFD resources or the presence of ECN accounts. To do this, you must switch the evaluation from the default “filter filed” mode to designer mode and select the check boxes.