What Is A Sober Living House?

But you would need to get all the necessary building permits and zoning variances. Level 4 homes require clinical oversight or monitoring, with paid, licensed/credentialed staff and administrative support. They provide on-site clinical services, mutual support groups, life skills training, and peer recovery support services. Accreditation for sober living homes is somewhat of a new concept, but now that more sober living homes are being established, more organizations are creating accreditation programs for these types of recovery residences.

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Yet, it also poses many opportunities to personally impact the lives of recovering individuals. Not to mention, there is a considerable return on investment for opening a sober living home. The services, rent, rules and living conditions at sober living homes vary from place to place. Some homes are part of a behavioral health care system where residents live next to a rehab clinic, participate in outpatient therapy and have access to the clinic’s recreational activities. Halfway houses tend to be the less expensive option because they typically have fewer amenities, little privacy, and less structure. However, sober living is sometimes covered by insurance, which makes this a viable option for people who could benefit from this level of support.

What to Expect in a Sober Living Home

Discover more energy, restful sleep, and improved wellness with a plan designed to fit your life. You can enjoy healthy meals in the evening, followed by group therapy sessions. Nighttime is often reserved for free time when you can call loved ones, read books, or watch television. He was a patient at a now-closed rehab center and says he wants to do what he can to help people recover now, especially because recovery beds are in short supply.

If you’re unsure of licensing or regulation requirements, seek guidance from local county or city offices for more information. The success of your sober home investment requires that you are operating legally and abiding by proper zoning and licensing requirements. Before purchasing a property, you should always thoroughly inspect local and state laws to prevent problems down the road. Often, real estate agents can assist with answering zoning questions, too. Residents are often required to take drug tests and demonstrate efforts toward long-term recovery.

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At Next Step Recovery, we offer a transitional sober living program designed to make sobriety sustainable. Integrated sober living and intensive outpatient programs like Next Step are a great choice for many. The strength of such programs sober house is the combination of clinical therapy and long-term support. Any given SLH program’s phases will widely differ depending on how they operate. The level of support and services offered drastically alter what is required.

  • Your health and wellness is unique to you, and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances.
  • Recovery residences are less expensive than living at a rehabilitation facility or detox center because fewer services are offered.
  • Even after the struggle to stay, Moreno said that he knows who is ultimately to blame.