Forex trading system “Keltner Scalping Trading System”

This trading system is designed for scalping on one-minute charts. Trading is conducted only on the EUR/USD pair. However, the Keltner Scalping system can also be used to generate much higher profits. The login rules for both methods are identical. The difference is the exit method. Rigid Stoploss and Take Profit are installed for scalping. If the trend continues, a combination of the Keltner Channel and 89 Moving Average is used. For refinement and filtration of inputs, the MACD(5/34/5) histogram, stochastic and 445 moving average are usedShopping rules:4. Stochastic should be above or around -40The stoploss is set 1 point below the channel boundary. Or below 89 moving averages. In any case, the stop must not exceed 12 points. For scalping, takeprofit is set in the range from 6 to 12 points. The opposite conditions should be waited for in order to get more profitThe rules for sales:4. Stochastic should be higher or about 40The moving average with a period of 445 is used to determine the general direction. If it is directed in the direction of the deal, it increases the probability of success.Download system files