Calm before storm

Events that should be paid to today:

Not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics.


Reducing the spread of the yield between German and American government bonds ceased, which can cause a small technical correction in this currency pair. It is a sharp drop in the spread of profitability in recent days that has become a trigger for a downward trend on European currency. In general, all key factors are still in force and We have not changed anything – the European economy is a step by step approaching the stagflation and the capital of investment banks and funds is sent to the United States, since the last few decades the dollar is considered to be “quiet harbor”. On the eve of the authoritative representative of the Fed USA D. Bullard, who said Tov, What you need to urgently increase interest rates by 0.5% in the coming months and aggressively sell assets from the balance. Now investors are waiting for the federal rates of 0.5% at a meeting on May 4, but upon further Inflation growth rate by 0.5% can also be increased at a meeting on June 15. Thus, we are waiting for a small technical correction, after which the downward trend will continue.

Trading Recommendation: Flat 1.0825-1.0925