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Protective asset time

Protective asset timeThe media reported that China is questioning a long-term trade deal with the United States. Let me remind you that the last few days of the market sentiment were exactly the opposite – the majority of traders and investors expected to reach an agreement and, as a consequence, to reduce the risks associated with the slowdown in the global economy.

Technical analysis of EURUSD, GBPUSD

EURUSDThe currency pair of the Euro against the U.S. dollar has worked out another target at the level of 1.1055. At the moment, the market performed a technical return to 1.1090 and today is trading in another wave of decline to the level of 1.1026.

Interbank exchange rates at 22:50 GMT

Interbank exchange rates at 22:50 GMT
Dollar rates
USD/JPY Japan109.19-20109.19-200.00109.40108.75-6.68
EUR/USD Euro1.1821-241.1821-240.001.18481.1749+12.39
GBP/USD UK1.3010-121.3010-120.001.30301.2941+5.39
USD/CHF Switzerland0.9616-200.9616-200.000.96380.9583-5.60
USD/CAD Canada1.2674-791.2674-790.001.27551.2654-5.69
AUD/USD Australia0.7891-950.7891-950.000.79100.7839+9.59
NZD/USD New Zealand0.7315-210.7315-210.000.73280.7252+5.68
Euro rates
EUR/JPY Japan129.06-10129.06-100.00129.17128.05+4.86
EUR/GBP UK0.9085-880.9085-880.000.91200.9052+6.58
EUR/CHF Switzerland1.1370-731.1370-730.001.13871.1274+6.08
EUR/CAD Canada1.4983-931.4983-930.001.50151.4948+6.02
EUR/AUD Australia1.4971-811.4971-810.001.50131.4942+2.54
EUR/DKK Denmark7.4359-667.4359-660.007.45947.4350+0.03
EUR/NOK Norway9.3757-8079.3757-8070.009.41939.3546+3.16
EUR/SEK Sweden9.5953-60539.5953-60530.009.62059.5721+0.27
EUR/CZK Czech Rep.