All attention to Powell\’s speech

Forecast for the week February 28 – March 4:

# SP500:

This week will be interesting for the American stock market. In the first half of the week, I expect a decrease in quotations against the background of a reduction in liquidity in the financial system from the Ministry of Finance of the United States, which on Monday will hold a large-scale auction for the placement of treasury papers in the amount of $ 100.5 billion. The head of the Fed Fed, the head of Fed, will appear on Wednesday on March 2 in Congress, which can hint in investors that the monetary regulator will not Now too quickly increase interest rates due to increased geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe. Powell will say that the Fed will raise a bet in March and May 0.25% and in May will begin to gradually reduce the amount of assets on the balance sheet. The absence of severe growth rates can have a slight positive impact on the stock market in the United States.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 4235/4100 and Take Profit 4430.


War between Russia and Ukraine provoked a powerful bovine trend on oil. Investors began to play these events long before the hostilities and were able to overclock the quotes above the psychological level of $ 100 per barrel above the barrel above, the truth was noted there. How will events develop this week? In my opinion, we will again see the growth of quotations and perhaps the mark of $ 100 will be tested once again, since it is rumored on the market that Russia can turn off from the SWIFT system, which in turn can cause short-term interruptions in the supply of Russian oil to the global market. Oil is not going anywhere, but while Russian banks will be able to switch to an analogue of SWIFT it may take a couple of days, and speculators can play this reason to arrange a certain information hype.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 93.10 / 91.09 and Take Profit 99.57.



War between Russia and Ukraine may lead to a reduction in the supply of iron ore from Russia, which will have a beneficial effect on the Brazilian company Vale, which will be able to increase the volume of products sold and enlarge your market share. An additional positive factor in the short term is although a small, but still the uptrend on iron ore in China. The Central Bank of the Middle Kingdom this year mitigates credit and monetary policy to stimulate the real estate market, which just makes high demand for metal rolling, which in turn is manufactured with iron ore.

Trading Recommendation: BUY 17.33 / 16.76, Take Profit 17.98.