Will the Japanese Bank come out with interventions today?

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

15.30 Moscow time. USA: Changing the number of employees in the non -agricultural sector.


will Japan Bank with interventions be released today? This currency pair has been fixed above the mark 145 and now traders can speculatively “disperse” the quotes at the maximum of September, which is located at the mark of 145.89. When in the second half of September the Central Bank of Japan conducted interventions, he promised that he was ready to go out again at any time On the market to cool the fervor of speculators. Now we have two scenarios for the development of this situation. The first – speculators again “raise” the quotes to the region of 146.00 and the Japanese Central Bank quickly enters the market with interventions and lowers the couple at 141.00 – 140.00. The second – the regulator ignores these attacks on Japanese yen and will be released with interventions somewhere near the psychological mark of 150.00. I I would not take risks now and in the field of 145.35 I would close all the “Longs”.

Trade recommendation: Buy 144.80/144.50 and Take Profit 145.35.