We are waiting for the positive reports of American corporations

Forecast for the week January 17-21:

# SP500:

In a new five-day, I expect the growth of the quotations of the American stock market for two reasons. First, the Corporate Reporting Season started in the States. The first to report the largest banks and airlines, which pleased investors with positive financial results. The new five-day reports will be even more, and I expect the majority of corporations will also be able to please the traders with good results. Secondly, This week, Fedrerev will buy treasury bonds worth $ 20 billion, which is 25% more than a week earlier. An increase in liquidity in the financial system will have a beneficial effect on the capitalization of the stock market.

Trade Recommendation: Buy 4660/4631 and Take Profit 4714.


Rally on the oil market will have a favorable effect on the value of Exxon Mobil Corporation shares, since the company has one of The lowest indicators of the cost of mining of black gold in Northern America. Oilwti is now trading in one step from a seven-year high and in my opinion, this level (84.96) will be tested in the very near future. Oilmen worldwide now earn good profits, and investors are calculated on the payment of generous dividends. Against this background, we will see a good demand in the energetic sector.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 18.13 / 18.50 and Take Profit 17.51.


On Wednesday, January 19, the company will publish financial reporting for the 4th quarter 2021 years. I expect the release of positive data, as companies have increased production, and the prices for aluminum last year demonstrated steady growth against the background of reducing the production of metal in China, due to regulatory restrictions. Also on this day, the company’s management will hold a telephone conference, within which plans will be announced at 2022. A favorable price situation allows companies to increase production capacity, which will have a positive impact on its financial results.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 59.85 / 57.90, Take Profit 62.90.