USDJPY, bullish potential is saved.

Daily chart: The third in a row bar outside the top envelope of the Bollinger, on the one hand, confirms the dominance of bulls, but, on the other, significantly increases the overbought of the market and, as a result, increases the likelihood of turning down tomorrow-day after tomorrow.

N4: Based on the location of the upper band of the Bollinger, it can be concluded that the growth potential is still sufficient, and the bulls will be able to reach a zone 118.95-119.00.

H1: Short-term consolidation range – 118.16-118.44 (top Bollinger envelope). We are waiting for some projected in these borders and the subsequent impulse to 119.00.

Conclusions: Continuation of growth in the direction 119.00.

Trade Solutions: Shopping from Zone 118.16 to 119.00.