USD / JPY. The situation again looks good for reversal.

Dollar experiencing small problems with regard to European currencies, which suddenly decided to start strengthening, rushing against the yen. The Japanese currency rapidly learn the positions and the movement of the observed pair looks impressive.

Together with this expectations, at least some correction remains at the level of expectations, sellers can not oppose such a pressure. In this regard, there was a need to revise the folding wave structure.

Perhaps observed The growth is part of the wave of III, which in itself turned out to be extended. Also, the movement is located at the upper border of the channel, from which the likelihood of reversal and began developing a good correctional rollback. In this case, the formation of the wave IV will begin.

and reducing again. But to conclude sales transactions, you must wait for confirmation.

Investment idea: SELL 120.90, STOP LOSS 121.15, Take Profit 119.50.