Universal trading system “Black King Trading System”

This trading system can be used on all timeframes and all kinds of trading instruments. These can be currency pairs of the Forex market, indices, metals, commodities, as well as CFDs and stocks. Naturally, a suitable broker will be required to trade shares, as such services are not provided in ordinary dealing centers. It is recommended to use the “Black King” system for currency pairs on thirty-minute and hourly charts. The system has several main indicators and three filtering indicators. First of all, the trend is determined by the color of the bars of the “Heiken Ashi” indicator. Then we analyze the price position relative to the two smoothed moving averages (MA) with period 5, held on high and low. These lines form a channel, and if the price is inside, you cannot trade. That’s a warning against flute trading. The main chart also contains “King 2MA Crossover”, “King Trend” and “KingstrendsigSig” indicators, which indicate possible entry points with arrows of different colors. Information indicators “Clock”, “MMPrice” and “Spread and Range” provide the trader with all necessary information. In the first lower window of the terminal the indicator “TDI” (Trader’s Dynamic Index) is set. Four lines are shown in this indicator. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is colored green. The signal line is red. The market base line is colored yellow. Blue volatility bands. The two bottom windows of the terminal have “ForexTrend” filtering indicators “QQE Alert MTF” installed.This picture shows an example of a purchase in the AUD/USD pair on the M30 chart.1. The Heiken Ashi candle must be green to enter the shopping experience2. Price exits SMA 5 tunnel upwards3. In the “TDI” indicator the RSI line crosses up the signal and base lines4. QQE Alert MTF” indicator lines intersect upwards5. ForexTrend” indicator bars are blue

1. The Heiken Ashi candle must be red to enter the market2. Price goes down from SMA 5 tunnel3. In the “TDI” indicator the RSI line crosses down the signal and base lines4. QQE Alert MTF” indicator lines intersect downwards5. ForexTrend” indicator bars are redIt is left to the discretion of the trader to set up security stop orders, and to exit the position select one of the following actions:1. The Heiken Ashi bar is much shorter than the previous one or the color has changed.2. The Heiken Ashi bar closes in the SMA 5 tunnel.3. RSI line crosses trade signal line4. Crossing of QQE lines.5. You have more than 50 – 100 points of profit.Download system files