Two different factors

Events that should be paid to today:

16.30 MSK. USA: Changing the number of employed in the non-agricultural sector for February.


The situation in this currency pair still looks uncertain. On the one hand, the debt market indicates the growth of quotations, but the change in the spread of the yield of state bonds of the US and Japan is insignificant, which does not allow us to conclude that we will see a strong growth of USDJPY. Ascending trend can Accelerates due to the growth of the American stock market, with which the couple historically correlates, but it will be understandable only in the afternoon, when the states will publish statistics on the labor market and the NYSE exchange will begin an active trading session. If the stock market in the evening will show a good growth in the SP500 index and will fix the mark above 4425, then you can buy this currency pair. On the other hand, in the case of growth of geopolitical tensions in Europe and Asia, we can see high demand for gold, which will be favorable Influence on Japanese yen, as assets correlate among themselves.

Trading Recommendation: Flat 115.00 -115.90.