Trading system for financial markets “RSX and Accelerator”

 The trading system “RSX and Accelerator” is created on the principle of following the trend and is intended for intraday trading. Analysis and decision making is carried out on time frames of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. The system is applicable to all financial instruments of the Forex market. In trading, you should take into account the news contained in the economic Forex calendar. According to the system name, the system is based on the indicators “RSX” and “Accelerator” in combination with the indicator “Megatrend”. The author of the “Accelerator oscillator” indicator is Bill Williams, who developed it to predict price dynamics based on changes in its acceleration. Such analysis is possible because the price before reversal, as a rule, reduces its speed. As a result, the Accelerator Oscillator indicator changes its direction shortly before the change in the driving force, which in turn indicates the expected change in price. Price is the last element that changes. Before the price changes, the market driving force changes, and before the driving force changes its direction, the acceleration of the driving force must slow down and reach zero. Then it starts to accelerate in the opposite direction until the price starts to change its direction. The “RSX” indicator works on the basis of moving averages. It detects price changes and works like a regular RSI oscillator, only through the use of advanced smoothing algorithms does it have a lower lag and a smoother curve shape. The trend direction in this system is determined by the indicator “Megatrend”, and “Heiken Ashi” colors candlesticks in white or red depending on the direction. The “Pivot Points levels” indicator helps you to determine the targets of the movement. It also highlights the ranges of price movements for the current and previous days on the chartExample of opening a position to buy. The following conditions are met for this purpose:1. Blue bars of “RSX” indicator2. Blue bars of the “Accelerator oscillator” indicator3. White candles “Heiken Ashi”4. Blue Megatrend lineExample of opening a position to sell. The following conditions are met for this purpose:1. Red bars of “RSX” indicator2. Red bars of the “Accelerator oscillator” indicator3. Red Heiken Ashi candles4. The red Megatrend lineThe stoploss is set below or above the nearest minimum/maximum. Positions are closed when “Pivot Points levels” are reached or when bars of the opposite color appear in the indicators “RSX” and “Accelerator oscillator”.Download system files