Trading strategy for scalping “Dibs trading system”

Trading strategy for scalping “Dibs trading system””Dibs trading” is a complex system of following the trend with market entries by price action. Trading is conducted mainly on timeframes of 5 minutes and 15 minutes. Therefore, the system can be referred to the category of scalping, which provide for short-term transactions in order to quickly make a profit. However, some brokers limit the minimum deal time. Therefore, you should find out which scalping brokers offer the best conditions. “Dibs trading” is suitable for the Forex market, indices and commodity markets. The system is designed for analysis in the Metatrader terminal. In the attached file there are two equivalent templates, which differ only by filtering indicators. Here we’re looking at the Dibs system template. The basis of the system is the indicator “Dibs V.1”, displayed on the chart with horizontal purple lines. If the price falls below these lines – sell if we buy higher. The “H paint bar” indicator lights candles in different colors depending on the direction of movement. The colors can be adjusted as desired. An important part of the system is the “TMA” and “TMA Distance” indicators. TMA is a Triangulate MA, a trend indicator, the result of double averaging of price values. A TMA Distance channel is created from the TMA lines. By price behavior in this channel, decisions are made about entering the market. If the price breaks the upper line of the channel or breaks away from it, you can wait for a sell signal. If the same thing happens with the lower boundary, you can wait for upward movement. The MA 200 MA moving average is set on the main chart for signal filtering. In the bottom window of the terminal there is an oscillator “CCI Nuf”, which serves as an additional filter.

On this chart M 15 the conditions for buying are met:1. The “Dibs V.1” indicator line is above MA 2002. The price has risen above the “Dibs V.1” line3. The candle is colored green4. CCI Nuf bars are blue and green5. The price has pierced the lower limit of the “TMA Distance” channel and returns backIf the price rises above the upper limit, then you can’t buy, although there is a signal to buy. The stoploss is set 15 points below the Dibs V.1 line and the takeprofit is at the top of the TMA Distance channelThis chart shows an example of conditions for selling:1. The “Dibs V.1” indicator line is below MA 2002. The price went down on the Dibs V.1 line3. Candle painted red4. CCI Nuf bars are yellow and red5. Price has pierced the upper limit of the “TMA Distance” channel and returns backIf the price falls below the lower limit, you cannot sell it. The stoploss is set 15 points above the “Dibs V.1” line, and the takeprofit is at the lower end of the “TMA Distance” channel.You can also close positions when changing signals to the opposite ones. This system can also be used to trade binary options. In this case, the expiration date of the option is 3-4 candles. On our site you can see the rating of binary options brokers.Download system files