THV V3 system

The THV intraday trading system has been known among Western traders for a long time, and the third version appeared in early 2009. This is the result of the work of a team of five traders. The rules of the system allow opening relatively safe deals on early signals. The system is designed for a 5-minute chart, but it can also be used on higher timeframes. With the help of a clear and functional chart you get 70-80% of profitable trades. But HPV is not the easiest system and requires certain skills to work on ForexThe Trix indicator is the heart of the system, it shows possible changes in the trend when crossing fast and slow lines. This indicator gives warning signals when a fast Trix line crosses zero level. Analyze Sell and Analyze Buy appear when crossing slow and fast Trix lines. When the color of the fast line changes, the Analyze Exit signal appears. Please note that these signals require an analysis of the situation. You can activate voice support for signalsTrix also shows the divergence line and trend direction. The system has several indicators that serve as filters when opening deals. First of all, it is Heiken Ashi‘s candlesticks, the color of which indicates growth or decline. The Coral indicator changes color and tilt when you change direction. To reduce the risk of buying, it is necessary to open above this line, and to open sales below it. So does the Ishimoku cloud. If you ignore these rules, the risk is much higher. Besides these, there are auxiliary indicators on the chart. This is the recommended level of stop loss, the current session pointer, beer levels, support and resistance levels. You can also install an optional news indicator called THV3 FFCal. For it to work properly, you need to allow DLL import during installationExample of a buy signal. Heiken Ashi’s candlesticks changed their color to green, the lines of the Trix indicator crossed and changed their color to green. The candle is above the Coral line and the Ishimoku clouds. The diversion line has already warned of a possible change of directionExample of a sales signal. Heiken Ashi’s candlesticks changed their color to red, the lines of the Trix indicator crossed and changed their color to red. The candle is below the Coral line and the Ishimoku clouds.The THV V3 system makes the work of a trader much easier and allows to regulate the risks, but for successful trading it is necessary to study it well and follow the rules exactly.Download indicatorsDownload templatesDownload sounds for the system