The system of short-term trading at the Forex market “Alfa trading”

The “Alfa trading” system is designed for short-term scalping trading. Trading is carried out in time intervals of 1 minute and 5 minutes. The system is applicable to major currency pairs (majors) with small spreads and indexes in the Forex market. The ecn brokers are more convenient for index trading. The main indicator of the system is “Alfa_Profit”, which shows possible entry points with red or yellow arrows. The colors of the arrows can be adjusted as desired. A number of other indicators help to determine the correct direction of trading. The system template contains four exponential moving averages (EMA) with periods of 12, 72, 200 and 1200 for this purpose. The trend is confirmed by the color of bars of the indicator “WPR bars”. On the main chart there is also an information panel to facilitate the trader’s work. The first lower window of the terminal contains “SonicR PVA Volume” and “Hilo Range indicator” filters. The first one shows the trading volumes, and the second one shows the current daily range of price values. In the lowest window there are two more filtering indicators “Double smoothed stochastic” and “SI TMA Centered Band”. The combination of these tools allows you to precisely define the entry points.

Example of opening a position to buy. After the green bars of the “WPR bars” indicator appear, we wait for the upward signal arrow. We open a position if the “Double smoothed stochastic” (DSS ) line is green and the other filtering indicators show upward direction. We set the stop loss below the nearest minimum, and take profit at the rate of half of the daily volatility. If Take Profit does not work, close the position when the yellow arrow appears.

Example of opening a sale. After the yellow signaling arrow appears downwards, open a position if the DSS line is yellow and the other filtering indicators show the downward direction. Set the Stop Loss above the nearest maximum. Close the position when the green DSS line appears. In the process of trading it is necessary to take into account the indicators “SonicR PVA Volume” and “Hilo Range indicator”. With increasing volumes and expanding the range there is a possibility of strong movement, and with decreasing volumes and narrowing the range is more likely to flute.Download system files