The music has not played for a long time …

The events, which should be paid attention to today:

is not expected to be important statistics.


British currency once again updated the annual minimum. The positive from the future resignation of Boris Johnson was played very quickly. Sound was not enough even for a couple of days. Why? Investors do not see worthy candidates for the post of prime minister. All of them are weak and no different from Johnson. Someone is a little more professional, someone less, but none of them can stop The upcoming recession that can happen in the fall. In addition to the internal political crisis in the coming weeks, a political scandal between Great Britain and the European Union on the issues of compliance with the Brexit agreement may be expelled. British politicians want to reconsider a number of conditions of this agreement are not happy in Brussels. The confusion with the future prime minister and the conflict with the EU do not delight investors who use the growth of pound quotations to open Sell positions.

Trade recommendation: Sell 1.1920/1.1950 and TAKE Profit 1.1845.