The most profitable Forex affiliate programs

Every year Forex affiliate programs attract tens of thousands of new participants. And it is not surprising, because it is in this area of activity that partners can successfully realize their financial and career ambitions, gradually creating a full-fledged business project that brings a stable income. The prospect of achieving high results is a good motivation in itself. Not to mention the tempting financial prospects. But in order to get a really high income, it is necessary not to make a mistake in choosing a partner program.Let’s consider the most profitable Forex affiliate programs in more detail.1. Instaforex

 Features: 1) 50-67% of the spread2) Payments: instantaneous3) Transition statistics4) 10 types of partnerships5) 2 levels of referrals

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InstaForex is a company offering each partner the best conditions for earning income and large-scale prospects for further development within the framework of the established cooperation. Anyone can become a member of the affiliate program, regardless of their country or region of residence. The Company initially focuses its work on the active development of its partner network, demonstrating steady growth in indicators. And it offers various variants of cooperation, allowing each partner to find its own way to earn income on Forex.Cooperation with Instaforex allows each partner to choose a convenient way of earning money. You can become a trader-partner, advertising the company in the circle of friends and acquaintances. You can blog about the company’s activities or create a website dedicated to this topic. You can become a financial partner and deposit/withdraw funds from traders’ accounts. And you can train beginner traders or implement services of the company’s partners (VPS-hosting). Such spheres of activity as trust management of a PAMM-account or implementation of specialized software (trading advisors) and trading signals are also available for the company’s partners. And it is possible to organize a full-fledged business on the basis of Instaforex, becoming a certified partner of the company and having been authorized to represent it in the region.As for profitability, Instaforex offers quite favorable conditions for all partners. The minimum amount of remuneration is 1.5 points, and for those who have reached the “golden” status of the program participants it grows to 20 – 26 points from each deal of attracted users. And for sub-partner trades the amount of commission is equal to 0.1% point.In addition, there are various additional payments for certified partners. And huge opportunities to increase revenue through the use of several advertising tools and directions to attract new customers. And Instaforex’s partner support service is one of the best on the market.Open an affiliate account with Instaforex Company.

2. Forex4you

 Features: 1) 50%-85% of the spread2) Payments: upon request3) 2 types of partnership4) 3 levels of referrals5) Online monitoring6) Ribate service

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Forex4you Affiliate Program is a wide range of offers for private partners and business representatives. You can be active by attracting new customers through social media, your own blog or website. You can become an official partner and work under the aegis of Forex4you in your city or region or choose offline partnership, combining your own financial and investment activities with partnership cooperation.Forex4you offers its clients transparent terms of interest calculation. You can choose a convenient scheme of receiving income: from each transaction of attracted clients, regardless of the volume of funds appearing in it, or receive a percentage of the accrued spread and client commission paid when opening a trade transaction.Forex4you affiliate program is a convenient service that allows you to automate the identification of referrals for each partner. And by using SUBid technology, you can not only apply a referral link, but also track statistics on customer transfers.You can always get information support from Forex4you. The company provides its partners with an extensive list of activities – from working with social media projects to finding clients through cold calls or organizing thematic conferences, seminars and training courses.Open an affiliate account with Forex4you.

3. Roboforex

 Features: 1) 30-60%* of the spread2) 5 levels of referrals3) Bonus accruals4) Payments at 3 active customers*** depends on the trade turnover** At least 1 deal in the last 30 days

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Roboforex offers a wide range of partnership programs for different categories of participants.For corporate partners – banking and investment organizations, private brokers and other financial market participants, the White Label program, focused on expanding their range of opportunities.For those who are already familiar with the Forex market and have time to start their activities in this area, the participation in the “Regional Partner” program is available.For active Internet users who have their own thematic website, Roboforex offers an opportunity to become an Internet partner with 60% of the spread reward from each referral transaction.For those who are ready to work on expanding their client base, RoboForex offers the possibility to get the status of an agent with up to 15% interest from the spread on each referral transaction.You can gradually develop your business from a step to a step of cooperation with RoboForex and increase the levels of the affiliate program, which gives you the opportunity to increase your income for each partner.It is important to know that since August 2014 all participants of RoboForex’s affiliate programs have to pass the verification procedure – address and passport. Without this, it will not be possible to withdraw funds and charge interest.Open an affiliate account with Roboforex.

4. Weltrade

 Multi-level system 1) 40% of the spread2) 3 levels of referrals3) Withdrawal of funds in 30 minutes.

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Weltrade offers its partners favorable conditions for getting additional income. The classical principle of building an affiliate program here has several levels, and all payments and accruals are made automatically. High level of accrued interest – up to 60% of the transaction spread – also plays an important role in the process of increasing the partner’s income. And individual approach to each participant and full information support make working with Weltrade not only profitable, but also comfortable.Open an affiliate account with Weltrade.

5. Aforex

 Multi-level system 1) 37% of the spread2) 3 levels of referrals3) Ribate service

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Aforex Affiliate Programs offer a wide range of income-generating opportunities for members. There is an opportunity for cooperation in the free agent mode, which finds its way to attract new clients. It is possible to conduct partnership cooperation with PAMM-service, attracting investors for trust management. And you can become a regional partner and develop your business with the full support of Aforex.Among the obvious advantages of Aforex affiliate programs are rather high rates of interest – they are higher than the average market rates and are accrued daily. The company does not set limits on payment and accrual of rewards – you earn as much as you can. Partner support is included in the list of basics of AFforex’s work. It is also important that the company is a member of the CIAF – the unofficial regulator of the Forex market in Russia.Open an affiliate account with Aforex.

6. FreshForex

 Multi-level system 1) 20-100% of the spread2) Flexible commission system3) Support 24 hours a day

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Affiliate programs from FreshForex will give money to any participant. You can become a certified partner and train traders and conduct consulting activities in your region. Or choose the path of information web partnership, advertising the company’s activities through its website. And even if you don’t have a great trading experience and don’t have your own website, you have an opportunity to become a FreshForex partner. Simply become an agent and attract new customers through the channels that are convenient for you – through social networks, forums or personal communication.Forex partner from FreshForex is one of the most flexible. Depending on the number of clients attracted per month the partner can receive from $4 (20% of spread) – up to $20 per lot, it is 100% of spread from all closed tradesOpen an affiliate account with FreshForex.

7. LiteForex

 Multi-level system 1) 35% of the spread2) Ribate service3) 5 types of partnerships

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International brokerage company LiteForex offers favorable conditions for partners of any level. High profitability – up to 2 points from the referral transaction, convenient control over statistics, automatic calculation of payments to the account, access to an extensive database of promotional materials. All this has already attracted thousands of participants of different levels to LiteForex’s affiliate program – from simple traders to regional brokers. You can attract referrals, find investors for PAMM-accounts, work with regional audience or work on your own website – any way will lead you to a stable income, if you take on business in partnership with LiteForex.Open an affiliate account with LiteForex.

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