The market is waiting for a pause from the Fed

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

18.30 Moscow time. USA: data on raw oil reserves from the Ministry of Energy.


dollar weaken from November 4, when the United States published a labor market release, where they recorded a slowdown in the growth rate of average earnings up to 4.7%, which became a minimum indicator this year. Salaries are traditionally an important inflationary component and a slowdown in salary growth signals a decrease in inflation through The quarter that allows the Fed to move on to a more modest tightening of credit-money policy at its next meetings. This year, Federal Reserve greatly lifted up the accounting rate, which increased the ascending trend in American currency. Now we have a reverse process – investors are selling a dollar and buying up euros and gold.

Trade recommendation: Buy 1.0030/1.0000 and Take Profit 1.0105.