The market is not sure about the growth rate of the Bank of England

Events that should be paid to today:

Not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics.


Mixed background is formed today. On the one hand, we can expect a decrease in quotations against the background of the negative dynamics of the interbank lending market in London. In the interbank there is an increase in LIBOR dollar rates and a decrease in similar rates on the pound. If earlier investors were waiting for the Bank of England to increase the accounting rate at the meeting on December 16, then Now opinions among investment banks were divided and no such obvious confidence in tightening credit and monetary policy. On the other hand, I expect the growth of oil quotations, which can have a negative impact on the dollar, since black gold and the US currency historically have a reverse correlation. Today, in the afternoon, a fresh report of OPEC on the oil market will be published, which can please the traders with positive data. Against this background, Brent oil can fix the maximum Last week 76.54.

Trading Recommendation: FLET 1.3205 -1.3300.