The best multilevel affiliate programs Forex

 Among the numerous affiliate programs on Forex you can find a lot of really profitable and interesting options. But, undoubtedly, the most profitable cases are the cases in which the income of the partner is not only the remuneration received from their own referrals, and is built on a multistage principle. What are they, the best multi-level affiliate programs of Forex?1. Forex4you(the most profitable multi-level affiliate program – editor’s note.


Multi-level system Level 1 – 50% of the spreadLevel 2 – 16.7% of the spreadLevel 3 – 5.6% of the spread


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Multi-level affiliate program Forex4you offers a lot of opportunities for earning – you can become an online partner and lead an active advertising campaign on the Internet. You can get the status of official representative of the company in your region, with all the “bonuses” and other preferences. Or you can simply supplement your own business with another line of business, offering brokerage services to your clients and partners.The conditions of cooperation in the multilevel affiliate program Forex4you are quite attractive: you get from 50 to 80% of the spread from the deals of each referral of the first level, 16.7% from the spread from the deals of referrals of the second level and about 5% from the spread from the deals of referrals of the third level. In some directions of the affiliate program there are restrictions on payment of remuneration from one transaction – not more than 500 USD, and from each referral – up to 10 000 USD. And in the Pro STP variant the reward of 1 point is charged with each closed your referral deal, regardless of its volume.In addition, the program offers a convenient service, notifying the partner of the registration of a new referral, and allows you to withdraw funds quickly and comfortably – to an electronic account or bank card.Open an affiliate account with Forex4you.

2. Weltrade

 Multi-level system Level 1 – 40% of the spreadLevel 2 – 10% of the spreadLevel 3 – 5% of the spread


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Multilevel affiliate program from Weltrade is one of the most loyal. There are quite “greenhouse” conditions for the development of their own partner network, and referrals will bring you profit not only actively participating in trading operations, but also working to attract new clients. Simply put, the first level – your referrals, the second – referrals, and the third – participants who will be attracted to the program by referrals, will bring you income making trades on the Forex trading platform through Weltrade brokers.How is the profit of the partner participating in the program formed? It’s very simple. With referrals of the first level you get 40% of the spread (broker’s income on the deal). From the second level referrals – 10% of the spread, from the third level – 5%. But the more extensive such a referral network will be, the higher will be the revenues from the second and third levels of the partnership program. And this is despite the fact that in this case it is only a question of passive earnings, because in attracting new referrals at this stage, the partner is not involved.Open an affiliate account with Weltrade.

3. Masterforex

 Multi-level system Level 1 – 1 pointLevel 2 – 0.4 pointsLevel 3 – 0.2 pointsLevel 4 – 0.1 pointsLevel 5 – 0.05 pointsLevel 6 – 0.025 pointsLevel 7 – 0.0125 pointsLevel 8 – 0.0063 points


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The affiliate program from MasterForex stands out among other levels – there are 8 of them, and each of them is able to bring a significant income to the partner. Simply create chains of eight levels, attracting more and more referrals. And wait until they can achieve some success or “grow” their own referral network. Increase your ability to generate passive income exponentially. And don’t stop there. MasterForex affiliate program offers its participants to choose the most convenient variant of cooperation. You can become an Introducing Broker and be rewarded for attracting new clients. You can become a WL, getting the opportunity to provide brokerage services under the auspices of MasterForex (available for banks and financial institutions). You can choose the way of an official representative and become a part of the dealing center team, representing its services in your region or prefer cooperation in the field of training in the basics of forex trading. And you can become a retail partner and promote products and goods of other partners with the help of MasterForex, building and developing your own business.Open an affiliate account with Masterforex.

4. LiteForex

 Multi-level system Level 1 – 35% of the spreadLevel 2 – 10% of the spreadLevel 3 – 1% of the spread


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LiteForex’s multi-level affiliate program has no limitations – create your own sub-partnership network and earn as much as you can. A brokerage company, in turn, will be ready to pay a partner 10% of the referral’s income and up to 2 pips from each closed transaction.Convenient services will not allow you to miss something important – automatic calculation of fees will not leave your account empty, and web monitoring will allow you to learn about the registration of each new referral. And for the most successful partners, the company has provided opportunities to appoint their own reward to stimulate referrals.Open an affiliate account with LiteForex.

5. Roboforex

 Multi-level system Level 1 – 30-60%* of spreadLevel 2 – 6-12% of the spreadLevel 3 – 4.5-9% of the spreadLevel 4 – 2.1-4.2% of the spreadLevel 5 – 0.9-1.8% of the spread* depends on the trade turnover


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Roboforex’s multi-level affiliate program is ideal for those who are ready to create a referral network and work on its further development. The easiest step is to become an agent and attract new customers through personal communication, forums, social networks and other media resources. In this case, you will receive 30% of your referrals’ spreads. But for those who are ready to work with clients through their own website, actually promoting RoboForex services, there are much more favorable terms of cooperation. And in this case, you will get 40 or 60% spreads from referrals deals, gradually increasing the level of your income.And the attracted sub-referrals will be able to bring you income from the second level – from 12% to 1.8% of the spread.Open an affiliate account with Roboforex.

6. Forex-Market

 Multi-level system Level 1 – 1.4 points (from 12 USD)Level 2 – 10% of the spreadLevel 3 – 5% of the spread 


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Multilevel partner from Forex-Market offers opportunities to attract not only new clients, but also new partners, each of which will be able to bring you additional income, becoming a part of an extensive referral network with their attracted referrals.The size of the reward is quite standard here: 50% of the spread and 1 pip for each trade that showed a result of more than 6 pips (up or down). And from referrals of the second level the reward will be 10% of the spread from each trade. If your affiliate network reaches the third level (one of your partner’s referrals will become a partner), the amount of reward will reach 5% of the spread.Open an affiliate account with Forex-Market.

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