Technical analysis on 31.03.2021

31.03.2021 EURUSD euro currency pair against the US dollar met the local target of a wave of decline – 1.1707. Today, we expect to create a scope for consolidation at current lows. It is not excluded to extend to 1.1700. With the exit from the fall channel, we will consider the beginning of the correction to the level of 1.1990. GBPUSD Pound currency to US dollar worked a wave of decline to 1.3706 and correction to 1.3743. Today we expect another call to drop to 1.3703. Next, consider the probability of another correction to 1.3743. Then – fall to 1.3643. USDRUB currency pair of the US dollar to the Russian ruble continues to form a consolidation range around the level of 75.70. Today, we expect the next wave of declines to rise to 75.00 with the prospect of continuing the trend to 74.50. USDJPY US dollar currency pair to Japanese yen worked another wave of growth to 110.88. Today we expect the scope of consolidation to develop underneath it. Starting from this, we expect the next wave of declines to develop to 109.25. The goal is the first. USDCHF U.S. dollar-to-Swiss franc currency pair rose to .9440. Today, we expect to see the creation of a consolidation scope underneath it. With the exit from it, a correction to 0.9337 is not excluded. When finished, we expect more