Technical analysis 05/18/2021

05/18/2021 EURUSD Currency pair of euro to US dollar has developed a wave of growth to 1.2147. Today, the market is the scope of consolidation around it. As a result of the exit, the potential will open at 1.2228 and the prospect of work 1.2242. You can reduce down to 1,2040. _MG0__MG1_ GBPUSD Currency Currency Pound to US dollar revolved wave of growth to 1.4109. The market created a consolidation range and released. Open growth potential to 1.4180. After completing this level, the correction link to 1.4110 is not excluded. Next – increase to level 1.4200. _MG2__MG1_ USDRUP Currency Couple US Dollar to Ruble Russian continues to create a scope of consolidation around the level 73.83. Today we expect that it continues to fall to 73.00. The goal is local. _MG4__MG1_ USDJPY Currency Couple Dollar USA to Japanese Jena has developed a correction to level 109.06. Today, we expect the creation of the scope of consolidation on it. Then – continuation of growth at 110.10. The goal is local. _MG6_ /> _ IMG1_ USDCCHF Currency Pair of US Dollar to Swiss Frank has developed a drop to the level of 0.9031. Today, the market creates a consolidation range under it. We expect that we will leave it at 0.8971. After its work, the increase by 0.9030 is not excluded. With the collapse of this level, the growth potential to 0.9095 will open. _MG8__IMG1_ AUDUSD Currency Currency Dollar Australian dollar to US dollar is trading in the growth structure on level 0.7806. After his work, we expect a drop to 0.7743. For these levels, we expect the scope development consolidation. As a result of the output, the potential will be open to the level of 0.7900. With the output, we expect a drop to 0.7611. _MG10__MG1_ Brent Oil has developed a wave of growth up to 69.45. At the moment when the market is the range of consolidation under it. It is not eliminated to correction 68.00. Next – increase to 71.00. _MG12__MG1_ Gold Gold worked a wave of growth to 1870.00. Today, the market of trading around him in the field of consolidation. The probability of its expansion is considered 1877,44. Possible adjustment to 1844.00. Then – height up to 1900.00. _MG14__MG1_ S & P 500 The warehouse indicator creates a consolidation range of approximately 4136.0 levels. Price 4233.2 is not excluded. Then consider the probability of reducing the level of 4047.0. And with his failure, the potential to fall to 3930.8 will open. The goal is local. _MG16__IMG17_NAPSZKA to specify the fulfillment! financial market forecasts are a private opinion of their authors. Current analysis does not constitute a trading textbook. Roboforex is not responsible for the results of the work, which may arise when using commercial recommendations from the submitted reviews. .