System for Forex trading “Super Scalping Trading System”

This system is designed for short-term scalping trading. It only applies to five-minute charts. The best results are obtained by trading on the main currency pairs USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD.The main indicator of the “Karl Dittman signal” system. Moving middle lines are used to determine the main direction. The Zig Zag indicator shows local minima and maxima. The “QQE indicator” and “SnakeForce” indicators provide confirmation signals. Additional signals are “Signal Arrow 1” and “Signal Arrow 2”. The rules of the system are simple, but give a good result if the rules and controls are followedShopping rules:

  • The green line should be above the pink line
  • Signal arrows show up
  • Blue QQE line above red
  • Karl Dittman indicator green bars
  • SnakeForce bars are green

The stop-loss is set below the local minimumBuy closes when the pink line falls below green and the blue QQE line falls below redThe rules for sales are the opposite.

  • The green line should be below the pink line
  • Signal arrows point downwards
  • Blue QQE line below red
  • Karl Dittman indicator bars are red
  • SnakeForce bars are red

The rules for exiting the deal are the same. You can get from 5 to 30 points of profit from each trade through this system.Download system files