System for Forex trading “JC HSV System”

The system “JC HSV System” is designed for trading on the Forex market and is based on the principle of price behavior. It uses the motion impulse to determine the entry points into the market. This is a very complex trading system, rather an analytical and information complex, which allows you to make decisions based on the readings of many indicators. Despite the complexity, the system is easy to use in any type of trading, including intraday and scalping. You can use timeframes of five minutes or more. The system provides excellent signals for all currency pairs, it is possible to trade oil on Forex, gold, indices.There are more than a dozen technical indicators in the JC HSV System, but you don’t have to know them all. Here we will get acquainted with the most important of them, but just watch the signals.You can download the archive with indicators and system templates by clicking the link at the bottom of the article. Template “!!!# JC HSV stat #!!” displays statistics on the selected currency pair and shows the current strength of major currencies through the indicator “Nihilist CS Mmtf V2”. The rest of the templates are configured to varying degrees of complexity This screenshot shows a pattern “!!!# JC HSV stat #!!”The main chart of the system contains information blocks that show the current session and prevailing trends on different timeframes and versions of different indicators. The price chart itself is displayed by bars, which are colored green and brown by the “Synergy APB” indicator. The “Sane FX” indicator shows the direction of price movement with a green or red line. The “MTF Brain Trend1Sig” indicator shows possible entry points in red and green circles.There are six filtering indicator windows at the bottom of the terminal. In the fourth window “Z-WINNER CCI” is set, in the sixth window “SEFC084”. The remaining windows contain indicators of the Nihilist group.On this screenshot, let’s consider an example of buying a EUROdollar pair on an hourly chart. The first signal is green bar and green line “Sane FX”. It is already confirmed by the green dot of the indicator “MTF Brain Trend1Sig”. However, we buy only at the third bar after that. Here appears another green dot, and the indicators “Z-WINNER CCI” and “SEFC084” by the line position and green bars confirm the signal. The indicators of the Nihilist group turn blue and green.The stop-loss is set below the first signal candlestick, and the position is closed after changing the color of “Sane FX” and the appearance of a red dot Here is an example of selling the same pair on a fifteen-minute chart. The first signal is bar red and “Sane FX” red line. The signal is confirmed by a red dot on the “MTF Brain Trend1Sig” indicator. Sell on the third bar after that, when the indicators “Z-WINNER CCI” and “SEFC084” confirm the signal with the line position and red bars. The indicators of the Nihilist group become brown and red.The stop-loss is set above the first signal candlestick, and the position is closed after the change of the “Sane FX” color and the appearance of a green dot.Download system files