Strategy for Forex trading “Cycle Extremus Trading”

The “Cycle Extremus Trading” strategy is based on several author’s indicators and understanding of market behavior. Traders with at least basic knowledge of trend reversal, correction, levels and the like will be able to work on this strategy. This trading strategy can be used in various ways for different purposes. On timeframes from 1 to 15 minutes you can trade on the principle of scalping, and on older timeframes you can achieve larger goals. It is important to know how to choose a forex broker. Detailed information can be found on our website.Although there are many technical indicators in the system, the chart does not look overloaded, the entry points are easily determined visually. The main indicators of the system are “Cycle Kroufr Extremums” and “Anti Alligator”. The coincidence of these indicators gives the strongest signalThis screenshot shows a system template with the indicators marked on it. The main chart has a moving average with a period of 100, which is displayed as a red line. The “AC+ Fibo SD” indicator is used to refine levels and pivot points. On the same chart you can see the displays of fractals and arrows of the “Anti Alligator” indicator, indicating the direction. Bollinger Bands help to determine stop and profile levelsIn the first lower window of the terminal there are indicators “Cycle Kroufr Extremums” (purple line and black dots), “Anti Alligator” (red and blue vertical lines), “Ravi base” (blue line) and “Adaptive RSI” (red line). The height of the vertical line of the “Anti Alligator” indicator indicates the strength of the signalThe second lower window contains three indicators of the “Stochastic” family. One of them has standard settings. The second one is “Color Stochastic” and the third one is “Stochastic-X8”, which is a fan of eight lines with different settings. “Stochastic-X8” is also called “Stochastic rope”, because when the market turns, the lines are woven into a bundleThe hourly chart here shows the conditions for opening a Buy position. After the red arrow and the red vertical line of the “Anti Alligator” indicator appeared, we look at the readings of “Cycle Kroufr Extremums” and other indicators. To buy, the price must rise above the red line. A black dot should appear in the first lower window and the blue and purple lines should rise above the red ones. The signal is confirmed by the fact that the stochastics lines approach and unfold upwards.In this case, the stop-loss is set below the fractal arrow, and the position is closed after a black dot appears at the top of the windowThis screenshot shows an example of selling on a five-minute chart. On small timeframes, the price position relative to the timeframe is not very important, and the stop-loss and take-profit should be set at the rate of 15-20 points. The position to sell opens after the blue arrow and the blue vertical line of the indicator “Anti Alligator” appeared. To sell, the price must fall below the red line. A black dot should appear at the top of the window, and the blue and purple lines should fall below the red one. The signal is confirmed by the fact that the stochastics lines approach and turn down.Download files