Short-term system for trading on Forex “SD Trading System”

This system is optimized for short-term transactions in the Forex market. In other words, for trading by scalping method. This system implies following the trend and taking part of the movement several times a day. This system requires experience and shutter speed. Trading is carried out on a five-minute chart, so you will need to be present at all times near the monitor. It’s gonna be hard for newcomers to work with this system. You can trade on all major currency pairs. It is desirable to choose the most volatile time, that is, the London and American sessions. To facilitate this, the system provides the indicator “Session_HiLo_v3”. The spread size also plays an important role here, as the system is designed for a small number of profit points. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the choice of a broker. Which scalping brokers create suitable conditions, you can find out on this site.The main direction indicator in this system is the “Hama” indicator. It represents the bars of blue and red color, located on the main chart of the Metatrader terminal. The blue color means an apretend and the red color means a downtrend. To clarify the direction of movement, the indicator “Candle” is used, which colors candles in green and purple colors. The modified moving average line “SD_Ma_slow” serves the same purpose. Its periodicity is 62, the line is colored blue when moving up, red when moving down – in red, and yellow when flute – in yellow. For quick visual identification of inputs in the system, the “SD Alarm” indicator is used, which signals a favorable situation with green and red dots.The modified oscillator “MACD_OsMA_4ColorLH” is used as a signal filter. To simplify the trader’s work and quickly determine the levels, the indicators “Market Panel” and “Daily Fibo” are built in.

We open the position to buy after the green point of the indicator “SD Alarm” appears. The bars of the “Hama” indicator should rise above the MA line and become blue, and the candlesticks “Candle” – green. MACD lines must rise above zero line. The stoploss is placed 10 points below the MA line.

Open the position for sale after the red point of the indicator “SD Alarm” appears. The bars of the “Hama” indicator should fall below the MA line and become red, and the candlesticks of “Candle” – purple. The MACD lines must fall below zero. The stoploss is placed 10 points above the MA line.Positions are closed at Take Profit of 15 points, when one of the lines “Daily Fibo” or when the conditions on the chart change to the opposite.Download system files