Short-term strategy of trading binary options

This strategy is designed to trade binary options “High/Low” with an expiry time of 15 minutes. You can trade major currency pairs in the Forex market, as well as Indices and Futures. The analysis of the situation and decision making is carried out on the basis of standard and custom indicators of the Metatrader terminal. A chart with a timeframe of 5 minutes is used for operation.The main indicator of the “Rainbow Oscillator binary (2, 10, 0)” system. The principal decision depends on its position. The exponential 5-period moving average clearly shows the direction of travel. If it is located horizontally, it is better not to trade. Several other indicators are used as filters to refine inputs. These are Fisher Yurik (10 periods), Stochastic oscillator (5, 4.3, low/High), Accelerator Oscillator, and FXSniperT3. In order to ensure that the system’s requirements correspond to the trading conditions, ask how to choose a broker to trade binary options.

To buy a Call Option, all indicators must show a trend upwards. The up arrows on this chart show possible entry points.Trading rules for promotion:1. EMA 5 is directed upwards2. The Rainbow Oscillator is located above green bars3. Accelerator Oscillator green4. FXSniperT3 green5. The blue Stochastic line crosses up the red lineTo buy a Put option, all indicators must show a downward trend. The down arrows on this graph show possible entry points.Downgrade rules:1. EMA 5 is directed down2. The Rainbow Oscillator is located below the green bars3. Accelerator Oscillator red4. FXSniperT3 red5. The blue Stochastics line crosses the red line downDownload system files