Pip Nailer trading system for any pair

The British trader has been using this system for many years. He shared his experience with the community of traders. Its purpose is to make trading as simple as possible on any currency pair and in any time interval. In colloquial English, the name of the system means “Magnificent specimen”. The system uses standard oscillators and Metatrader terminal indicators. The system is simple and versatile. All we need to do is to track the movements of currency pairs, and open positions where the conditions are in place.The Pip Nailer system uses only three indicators. The technical indicator Accelerator Oscillator(AC) shows the acceleration or deceleration of price movement. It gives visual signals of a change in driving force. The green columns indicate acceleration and the red columns indicate deceleration. The Awesome Oscillator(AO) indicator also determines the driving force, but signals are harder to detect here. The main one is the intersection of the zero line. Parabolic SAR (Parabolic SAR) system is installed on the chart and shows the change of trend with dotsIn this system, a sell position opens when all the indicators are red. It is preferable that the oscillator bars are below zero line. Closes the position when the green point of the Parabolic appearsThe buy position opens when all the indicators change their color to green. Closing is recommended when the red Parabolic dot appears.Stop loss is always set above or below local highs or lows. Although the system is designed for all timeframes, it works more precisely on H1 and H4.Download indicatorsDownload template