OPEC may present another surprise on Wednesday

Forecast for the week of October 11 – 15: in the year, the figure will exceed the mark of $8.8 trillion. Since Democrats and Republicans in Congress agreed to increase the “public debt ceiling” until mid-December, now there are no irritants for the American stock market. Trade recommendation: Buy 4350/4300 and take profit 4483. production to prevent a sharp increase in prices. The Americans’ request was ignored by their main ally Saudi Arabia, which apparently does not suit the price tag for oil below $80 per barrel. On Wednesday, October 13, the OPEC oil cartel will provide fresh statistics on oil reserves in the storages of OSER countries and if the figure exceeds the previous level (reserves by 106 million barrels. below the five-year average), then we will see an acceleration in the uptrend. The chances of such an outcome are quite high. In my opinion, the key this month’s oil target is now at $86.6 per barrel, a seven-year high. Trade recommendation: Buy 82.20/80.50 and take profit 84.77. The increase is due to both a strong increase in operating income (lending and transactional activity of clients) and a decrease in expenses for possible credit losses due to an increase in the quality of the loan portfolio. In the new five-day period, I am waiting for the update of the historical maximum and testing of the psychological level of 380.00. Trade recommendation: Buy 369.80/364.50 and take profit 380.00.