Japanese authorities promise interventions

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

15.30 Moscow time. USA: Changing the volume of retail trade.


Japanese financial authorities began to express dissatisfaction with the strong devaluation of Yena. The Ministry of Finance promises, together with the Central Bank, to conduct currency interventions and punish speculators for the collapse of Jena. Financial authorities always blame speculators in everything. You might think that this is precisely speculators for a long time hold the Central Bank’s accounting rate at -0.1%than contribute to The outflow of capital from Japanese assets. If the authorities of the Land of the Rising Sun really decide to conduct interventions, then we can see a strong drop in quotations in the psychological level of 14.00. Otherwise, we will find growth for the maximum of this week, which is located at the mark of 144.98.

Trade recommendation: Flat 142.90 -144.00.