How to Buy Bitcoin Online.

How to buy Bitcoin online and quickly

Recently, interest in digital currencies has grown considerably. Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, is successfully developing the financial world. It is mainly designed for fast and cheap international financial transactions. But this cryptocurrency has another property. The number of bitcoins is limited to 21 million, which means that this cryptocurrency will become more expensive in any case. It is bought in order to earn on growth or to save their funds from inflation, to which all ordinary money is exposed. The fantastic rise in the cost of Bitcoin attracts many people who want to buy it.

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Capitalization, i.e. the value of all Bitcoins, has already exceeded $200 billion. They are constantly bought and sold at specialized exchanges of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins can also be purchased in other ways, such as through ATMs or gift cards. Here we will look at the ways to buy online. But before you buy Bitcoins, you have to keep them somewhere. The classic method is to download the wallet to your computer. But the problem is that these wallets store the entire history of Bitcoin transactions, and these are gigabytes of information. It is much easier to use online services. The easiest and most reliable to use are Blockchain and Coinbase.

Exchange services

Bitcoins can be bought quite simply and quickly with the help of exchange services. These are specialized sites that exchange title units of electronic payment systems for one another. Here you can also exchange these signs for dollars, euros, rubles, hryvnias and tenge. Also available are reverse transactions, i.e. buying, for example, Yandex Money, WebMoney or PayPal for the same currencies.Bitcoin operations have become available in recent years. Cryptocurrency can be bought for major currencies or exchanged via WebMoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney and other payment systems. Such operations are as simple as possible, because the interface of exchangers is usually simple, designed for those who buy for the first time.In addition, any site has a page with rules and instructions for the exchanger. Serious exchange services have been in operation for many years now and have been watching their reputation. Therefore, buying Bitcoins in this way can be considered safe enough. But still, you shouldn’t buy Bitcoins on the first site you get.In order not to run into fraudsters, it is necessary to find a suitable exchanger through monitoring, for example, Here you can choose the best exchange options and find out the reputation of the exchange service. Registration on exchange sites is optional, but it is better to do so to avoid misunderstandings in the process of buying Bitcoins. The disadvantages of exchange services are that they offer a fixed rate, which is usually higher than in the stock exchanges and charge a fairly high commission.Recently appeared, but proved to be a good service Matby, registered in the UK. It is both a wallet and an exchange service, where you can buy bitcoins through any Russian bank, VISAMasterCard, as well as electronic payment systems Kiwi and Yandex Money.Such services have recently appeared in the form of mobile applications. The most famous and popular is the Distributed Lab mobile wallet. The Bitxfy application is installed on smartphones with the Android operating system. It is sufficient to enter the desired bitcoin amount and bank card data. The Bitcoins will go into the wallet, and the card will be charged. Mobile wallet Bitxfy supports payment from VISA and MasterCard cards of the majority of Russian banks and the Ukrainian PrivatBank. That’s probably the easiest way to buy Bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoin on the stock exchanges

Bitcoins can be bought on two types of stock exchanges. The most common are cryptocurrency exchanges, where orders for sale and purchase are made. On P2P exchanges, Bitcoins are bought and sold directly between sellers and buyers. Exchanges of cryptocurrencies differ in terms of transaction execution. Some exchanges only sell and buy Bitcoin for dollars, euros and other common currencies, while others can buy and sell many cryptocurrenciesSuch exchanges are more suitable for those investors who are going to regularly buy bitcoins or speculate on the growth and fall of the rate. Exchange commissions and spreads are usually low, but the registration process is quite complex and requires the provision of confidential information.


In order to buy bitcoins at the cryptobirch, you need to open an account, verify your identity, and top up your account in one of the ways that are possible at this exchange. Currently, there are about 300 cryptocurrency exchanges operating all over the world. Almost every country has its own cryptobirch where you can buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for local currency.However, the main turnover is concentrated on several major international exchanges. The largest trade volumes are Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp,, BitX, LiveCoin, Bitkonan, OKCoin, Korbit. The exchanges are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exchange rates may differ because there is no single center and everything depends on supply and demand.The scheme for buying Bitcoin on the stock exchange is simple. There are two options here. You can place a warrant at the market price and wait for them to buy it. Or you can buy it right away at the suggested prices. If prices are rising, it is better to buy immediately, and if they fall, place an order at a lower price.Russian users are popular exchanges EXMO and BTC-e (since September 2017 reorganized and called WEX), based on the Russian-speaking businessmen, which are distinguished by the basic Russian-language interface and support service in the Russian language. Bitcoins can be bought here for the usual Yandex, Webmani and Kiwi. The exchange is popular in Ukraine, which receives hryvnias.The disadvantage of the stock exchanges is that a separate wallet is created to receive bitcoins, and the purchased bitcoins are stored there until they are removed from the stock exchange system. Cryptobourses are subject to hacker attacks, there have been cases of loss of funds and even bankruptcy. Therefore, if bitcoins are not bought for trading, it is better not to store them on the stock exchange

Exchanges Peer to Peer

The P2P exchanges serve as platforms for Bitcoin buyers and sellers to enter into direct transactions. Relatively low commissions on these exchanges – up to 1%. The spread width depends on the liquidity of the cryptocurrency and the method of payment. Unlike the cryptobirch, here the seller sets the price himself, and those who want to buy contact him to complete the transaction. This method allows you to buy relatively large amounts of Bitcoin at relatively low prices.The most famous stock exchange of P2P is LocalBitcoins. It is a global platform that works with most national currencies and allows participants to choose their own payment methods. This exchange has a Russian-language interface, supports the purchase of bitcoins for rubles and hryvnia. To buy Bitcoins for the euro, you can use a similar exchange, the largest in the Eurozone. The third most famous stock exchange P2P is Bitsquare. It is a fully decentralized market that brings together sellers and buyers of Bitcoin.Bitcoins can be bought in a similar way through the BTC banker bot of the Telegram messenger. To do this, you need to download from the official website and install the messenger itself. Then enter the name “BTC_CHANGE_BOT” in the search field. After the bot appears, press “Start”, select the Russian language and follow the instructions. Here you can advertise for buying and selling or choose the right offers.All of the above methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone who wants to buy Bitcoin should first determine the purpose of the purchase and then choose the appropriate methodIf the goal is speculation on changes in the price of Bitcoin, it is not necessary to buy it physically. It is enough to open an account with one of the brokers of the Forex market, located in our independent rating of Forex brokers of Russia, which provide such an opportunity. For example, eToro offers to trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

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