Good and bad factors for pound

Events that should be paid to today:

22.00 MSK. USA: Fed meeting.


Mixed background is formed today. On the one hand, it can be expected to increase the quotation against the background of the positive dynamics of the interbank lending market in London, where there is a good increase in LIBOR dollar interest rates. Three-month LIBOR rate in pounds, which is a reference for interbank, is now 0.3% higher than a similar bet in dollars. Spread expanded to the maximum Level over the last year. Rising rates traditionally has a beneficial effect on the currency rate. Additional support to the funth will be the oil market – black gold is traded in the 7-year-old maximum area, and investors are in no hurry to sell oil contracts. High oil prices are favorable for pounds, since assets correlate among themselves. On the other hand, the Fed of the United States today can make important statements regarding the future increase in interest rates, which can provoke sales of this currency Couples in the afternoon.

Trading Recommendation: FLET 1.3450-1.3550.