Gloomy prospects of the British economy

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

is not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics.


Liz Tracers took office as Prime Minister of Great Britain. The tracks became the 56th Prime Minister of Great Britain, as well as the third woman at the head of the Cabinet of Ministers after Margaret Thatcher and Teresa May. Liz tracks wants to be like Margaret Thatcher and she thinks that he will also be able to withdraw a British economy from a large -scale crisis. Maybe the newly made The Prime Minister will really work out, but so after 5 years, since the British economy will receive the main blow in 2023-2024. Not only the IMF, but also the Bank of England speaks of such a scenario. Fresh statistics from the S&P Global agency in business activity in industry, construction and the services sector confirms the negative trend – all three indicators in August fell below 50 points, indicating a decline in the economy. Inflation in Britain is 1.6% higher than in the United States and this trend will gain momentum in the fall, which will be Extract additional pressure on the cost of the British currency.

Trade recommendation: Sell 1.1520/1.1560 and Take Profit 1.1425.