GBPUSD, mark promising zones for sales

Daily chart: The lower band of the Bollinger has significantly sank compared to yesterday’s trading session, and is now at 1.3007. Taking into account the fact that the bears yesterday very successfully counted, there is a sufficient likelihood that we will see the decline in quotations.

H4: We also note strong local support in the bottom band of the Bollinger (1.3050), where the rebound is noticeable in the direction of resistance 1.3127 and 1.3200. From each of these resistances today can be considered repeated work down.

H1: Inside the day, unlikely the development of the correction is higher than the level of 1.3167 (the upper strip of the Bollinger). Also, a very dense pivot zone seems to be 1.3107-1.3127. Thus, it is possible to consider exclusively sales, but the traders will need patience.

Conclusions: Correction in the direction of zones 1.3107-1.3127 and 1.3167, then turn down in the direction of 1.3050.

Trademarks: Sales from Zones 1.3107-1.3127 and 1.3167 to 1.3050.