GBPUSD, a couple can reach a zone 1.1000

daily schedule: There is an attempt to break the lower envelope of the Bollinger. Given the strong trend ADX, it can be assumed that this attempt will end successfully.

N4: Strong local support in zone 1.1165 (Bolinger’s lower line) is unlikely to keep a couple, because And here there is a strong trend bearish potential.

N1 : There are already three rams in a row outside the lower envelope of the Bolinger, which is a possible signal of the need for correction. Most often this It occurs after 4-5 bars, therefore, in the next two hours, the couple can first reach the area 1.1000, and then sharply recover by 1.1143.

Conclusions: decrease by 1.1000, then growth by 1.1143.

Trade decisions:

1. Sales by 1.1000.

2. Purchases from 1.1000 to 1.1143.