GBP/USD Currency Pair Forecast

Continue to keep a close eye on GBP, which is rapidly strengthening in the context of active vaccination in the UK. Let me remind you that the UK is a leader largely in terms of the number of vaccinated citizens in all European countries, which increases the likelihood of a faster recovery of the British economy. As a result, we are seeing a long and steady increase in the GBP combined with most currencies. As a result of this increase, many currency pairs with GBP have come close to important technical levels of support or resistance. Thus, the GBP/JPY currency pair slowed to its maximum since December 2019 and the EUR/GBP collapsed to march lows in 2020 at The GBP/USD currency pair is approaching a key technical and at the same time psychological resistance level of 1.4000. All this increases the risk of short-term corrective decline. Bear scenario takes into account the weakening of the pair to 1.3775. However, this scenario does not preclude short-term growth above 1.4 thousand. It is also important to understand that it is also important to eliminate the ability of buyers to further increase above 1.4000. The review presented above is not a direct guide to action, but only leads the Characters.