Fratelli’s intraday trading strategy

This strategy was created by a trader from Denmark in 2011 and proved to be simple and reliable. It is based on custom indicators that provide visual input and output signals. The most preferable pairs for trading EURUSD, AUDUSD and EURJPY, but you can also use other pairs. The author himself recommends to trade on the 10M timeframe, although 5M and 15M are suitable. Fratelli believes that the 5M signals are often erroneous, and the 15M signals are late.Since MetaTrader 4 doesn’t have the 10M standard, you should use the Period_Converter script. To start the 10-minute chart, you must first open the 1-minute chart, open the script, set the period of 10 and open it offline. At the same time, schedule 1M should work. Here every trader has to choose what suits him best.Trading is preferable in the range from 7.00 to 16.30 GMT, but it is also possible to work in the American session. The main thing is to avoid “thin” and “sawn” markets.The procedure for working with the system is standard.After unpacking the archive with the template and indicators, copy the indicators to the folder MQL4 -> indicators, and the template to the folder templates, restart the terminal, open the chart of the desired currency pair,The chart has indicators Fratelli_MAIN_v1.3 and MA in Color, and under the chart Fratelli_BBB_MACD_V1, Fratelli_Line_MACD. The grey rectangle shows the estimated trading time.

Signal to buy the euro on chart M15. The indicators Fratelli_BBB_MACD_V1 and Fratelli_Line_MACD changed their color to green and yellow ball appeared. The candle rose above the moving average.When trading in the EUR/USD currency pair, we set the stop-loss at 25 pips and take profit at 20 pips. After reaching 10 points of profit, we move the stop-loss by 10 points to the breakeven side. After reaching 15 points of profit, we move the stop-loss to the breakeven level + 1 point. Depending on the circumstances, additional transactions can be opened. White arrows point to these possibilities

The Sell signal is defined in the same way, only the indicators and candlesticks change their color to red and the candlestick falls below EMA 89. Correspondingly, the same Stop Loss installation and movement tactics are applied. During the trading session it is possible to conduct from 1 to 3 deals on one currency pair depending on the volatility. The system has been used by many traders for more than 3 years and consistently shows stable results. The author reports that he has not had a single loss-making week.