Forex trading system “Trendsignal with asymetric channel

This trading strategy works on the principle of following the trend. Hourly charts are used for intraday trading, and four-hour charts of the Metatrader terminal are used for medium-term trading. This terminal is known to everyone who trades in the Forex market in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The system is applicable to the main currency pairs in the Forex market (majors). This strategy is based on the indicator “Trend signal v.2” written by an Indian programmer. He calculates the number of bars on the charts, and then draws an arrow based on the histogram, which is confirmed the next time the bar is opened. The “Vertex” indicator serves as a signal filter. It is displayed in the lower window of the terminal in the form of red and green lines. The chart also shows the Asymetric Channel channel, formed by two simple moving averages with periods of 12 and 50. It’s called asymmetric because the MA 12 is displayed in minimum bars and the MA 50 in maximum bars. The “Trendsignal with asymetric channel” system has one more analysis tool. The indicator “GOLD999B” draws trend lines on the minima and maxima of candlesticks. This gives the additional possibility of analysis when these lines are broken or bounced off.

The example of this chart shows that there is a rebound from the uptrend line. It’s a good shopping opportunity. The first signal is given by the blue arrow of the “Trend signal v.2” indicator. These two signals are enough for aggressive buying. But for greater confidence, we need to wait until the green line of the “Vertex” indicator rises above the level of 1.05, and the line MA 12 crosses upwards MA 50. When the price is between these lines, we do not trade.

On this chart there is a rebound from the upper trend line. After the red arrow of the “Trend signal v.2” indicator appears, we wait for the MA 12 line to cross MA 50 and the red line of the “Vertex” indicator to fall below the level of 1.05. Sell at the opening of the next candle.The stoploss in this system is set at the nearest minimum or maximum. The ratio of profit to foot is 1 to 1.Download system files