Forex trading system “Forex Exclusive”

“Forex Exclusive is a system for short-term intraday trading. This system is very simple, but at the same time interesting and profitable. Its principle is to enter the market as soon as possible, as soon as a trend reversal is planned. Charts of 5 minutes and 15 minutes are used for trading. Any currency pair is suitable. However, you have to choose the most volatile time for trading. It’s usually the London session and the beginning of the American session. During the flute, the system gives a lot of false signals.The main indicators of the system are “Investor 1” and “Investor 2”. They use arrows to show possible entry points. Standard moving averages with periods of 13 and 21 are used for signal filtering. The pivot points are also confirmed by the “FX Fisher” indicator.

The blue arrow of the indicator “Investor 1” is used first of all to open a buy position. After its appearance, you can buy if the red bars of the “FX Fisher” indicator began to decrease, and the green line MA13 rose above the red one. The latter conditions are optional if they are repeated transactions in the same direction.

When selling green line MA 13 should fall below the red line MA 21. The position is opened after the pink arrow of the indicator “Investor 2” appears and the green bars of the indicator “FX Fisher” decrease.The meaning of this system is a large number of transactions with a small profit. Therefore, the stop-loss is set at 10 points, and the exit from the position is provided for a fixed Take Profit of 10-15 points or when the opposite arrow appears.Download system files