Forex trading system “4TF-HAS with Pin Bar Detector”

The basis of this system is the price action. With the help of the analysis of price behavior it is possible to determine the trend change at an early stage. Repetitive combinations of candlesticks and technical analysis figures, such as triangles, flags, etc., allow to define more precisely the entry points to the trend market or the moment of exit from the flat. But not everyone, especially the novice trader, can correctly determine the corresponding figure or combination. In this candlestick combination system “Pin Bar” finds the indicator “Pin Bar Detector” and shows them with red and blue arrows. These signals are filtered using the indicator “MTF HAS” (Heiken Ashi smoothed) for four timeframes. It is displayed in the lower window of the terminal in the form of squares of blue and red color and colors candles in yellow and blue color. In addition to the main indicators, the system has several additional built-in auxiliary indicators that show the current price, candlestick expiration time, spread, and even calculate the lot size and stop loss level. This template does not have this, but if you wish, you can add a high-period moving average, for example, 89 or 100, to the chart and buy only above it, and sell below it. The minimum time frame for this system is M15. For higher timeframes, the signals will be more accurate. You can trade any currency pairs, indices and commodities. For example, gold trading on forex.

Shopping rules are simple. After the blue arrow appears, we wait for the three or four squares of the “MTF HAS” indicator to turn blue and buy at the opening of the next candle. And the candle should be blue.

The rules are the opposite for sales. After the red arrow has shown a pinbar, we wait for three or four red squares “MTF HAS” to appear and sell at the opening of the yellow candle.In the lower left corner of the terminal you can see the system recommendations on the level of stop loss and lot volume. You can use that. When trading on M15 Take Profit is set in the ratio of one to one. On older timeframes, it is desirable to increase the ratio to one to two or one to three.Download system files.