FOREX for VIP clients

In the field of financial services, whether it is banking, investment or trading on stock exchanges and Forex, we are particularly attentive to those clients who operate with large amounts of money. There was a corresponding concept – the VIP-client, from English “Very Important Person”, that is a very important person. Such clients are given a number of privileges in the form of various discounts, more operative service, extraordinary technical support and so on. Brokerage companies providing access to the Forex market differ in their focus on certain groups of traders. Small forex brokers serve mainly small and medium clients, larger ones are universal. VIP Brokers create special Forex trading and service conditions for their VIP clients. There are also brokers who do not serve small investors at all.

VIP Forex trading. Which customers do companies consider the most important?

The importance of the client in the financial sector is determined by the amount of capital invested. It is taken into account that a large investor is more responsible in doing business and aims at long-term cooperation. There are no exact standards here. Each country, and even each financial institution, has its own approach to this issue. The amounts may vary by orders of magnitude. There is also a big difference between the fields of activity. If a bank or an investment fund just cares about the amount of the deposit, then everything is different in trading.According to American standards, an important person is a depositor with a capital of at least five million dollars. In Russia, this bar is much smaller. Commercial banks call VIP-clients of investors with deposits from 300 to 500 thousand dollars. For brokerage companies, the deposit amount is also important, but much more important than the volume of trade turnover. Traders with deposits from 10 to 50 thousand dollars are considered to be important clients, as they make millions of turnovers taking into account the leverage, even if it is minimal. There is also a high probability that a trader with large capital will work in the market for a long time, bringing a constant profit to the broker.

Requirements of VIP-clients to trading conditions

It is difficult for a person who is going to invest large amounts of money in Forex trading to choose a suitable broker. First of all, we have to think about non-trade risks, i.e. fraud and capital preservation. To do this, the VIP-client should be able to meet in person with the employees of the brokerage company at the official representation. The company must be absolutely legal, have all the required licenses and the scheme of taxation of traders’ income. We wrote about it in our article “How to choose a Forex broker? That’s the minimum you need to understand when choosing a broker. We suggest you read it. But in addition to the information, which is set out in the article, the VIP client needs to know a number of important nuances, which we will try to set out here.Clients’ funds should be deposited in separate bank accounts with full control by traders. The technical side of trade, although less priority, should be at a very high level. Special attention should be paid to the method and speed of order execution. The VIP client has the right to know the liquidity providers so as not to have problems with large orders. The trading terminal should work without failures and communication losses. And it should be remembered that not every broker, who promises special conditions for important clients, is able to provide them.

Relationships of brokerage companies and VIP-clients

Brokerage companies usually publish on their websites a set of special conditions for VIP-clients. However, an important client may also request an extension of the list. If management is interested in expanding the business, it will enter into individual contracts. This is possible in the realities of the Russian brokerage market. Western companies offer everyone a standard set, which already takes into account all possible requirements. VIP-client can count on such conditions:

  1. Transfer and withdrawal of funds in the first place
  2. Obtaining information on the financial condition of the company
  3. Priority information on important news, fundamental and technical analysis
  4. Having a personal manager
  5. Personalized training program
  6. Help in developing a trading strategy
  7. Maximum set of financial instruments
  8. Discounts on commissions
  9. Accrual of interest on available funds
  10. Extra bonuses.

special conditions in Alpari, Forex Club, BCS

VIP status for Alpari clients (Alpari)

Alpari ( is the largest brokerage company in Russia. More precisely, it’s not one company, but several united under one brand. All companies have relevant licenses, including those from the Central Bank of Russia. Regardless of which company the client is registered with, he can become a member of the VIP club. Obtaining VIP status in Alpari is automated. Every week the accounts are checked and if the balance exceeds 50 000 USD, the client is assigned a VIP-status, which provides the highest possible level of service. Each client with this status has a personal manager. He also has the opportunity to contact an investment expert, who helps to select the best solutions for the investment of funds.VIP-client will be compensated for account refill fees and can be granted a loan of up to $10,000. A member of the club has the right to choose any training course and take it for free. During trading, the number of orders for VIP clients is unlimited. And as a bonus, VIP club members can receive various discounts on commissions and compensation for negative swaps.

VIP conditions at Forex Club

Forex Club ( is second only to Alpari in terms of the number of clients and trading turnover, i.e. it is on the second place among Russian brokers. Forex Club is licensed by the Central Bank of Russia, so it is reliable for Russian investors. This company has a system of statuses, which depend on the amount of deposit and trade turnover. Traders with “Diamond” and “Exclusive” status can become members of the VIP club. For the status of “Diamond” the deposit amount is at least 50 thousand dollars, and for “Exclusive” – 500 thousand dollars. The only difference between these statuses is that “Exclusive” gives the right to individual trading conditions. For traders with these statuses are available:

  1. Personal assistant
  2. Straight line with the chef dealer
  3. A direct link to the chief analyst
  4. VIP-support of the Trading Academy.

In order to become a member of the VIP club, you need to fill out an application form and order a call. Members of the club can take an individual course with a mentor and take any online courses of the Trading Academy. VIP-clients of the Forex Club also receive assistance in developing a personal investment plan, have access to trading signals and analysis of successful traders’ transactions. In addition, members of the VIP club have privileges in the form of the lowest commissions, they have access to bonuses on an individual program.

Terms and conditions for VIP in the company Forex

Forex broker under the brand name BCS-Forex (website of the company has been working in the Russian financial services market for more than twenty years. The number of the company’s clients exceeds 450 thousand. The Company has prestigious foreign licenses and is in the process of obtaining a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This confirms the seriousness of the financial group, its reliability and security of cooperation. BCS Forex Company offers a special program for the most affluent and active clients. In order to get VIP status you need to have a deposit of at least 50 thousand dollars and apply for the service.VIP-clients get the most favorable trading conditions, personal manager, unlimited number of orders and discounts on commission payments. The unique bonus program gives an opportunity to accumulate funds for free international flights. A certain number of miles are accrued for each trade lot. For 100 lots – Moscow-London ticket.

Comparison of conditions in different companies and general conclusions

It is not for nothing that we have chosen these three largest brokerage companies for this article. These brokerage companies are, in our opinion, not only the largest, but also the most reliable in Russia. Taking into account that deposit reliability is a key factor for VIP trading, – we have considered only these brokers. We don’t advise to start trading with other, less well-known companies.Behind the brand of each of the 3 listed companies there is a significant back-round: history, licenses, age, attitude to clients, trading conditions, number of active traders. Absolutely can be said that these companies are going to be among the leaders in further development of the Forex industry in Russia and the CIS. If you want to compare these companies in more detail – we advise you to go to the comparison section of Forex brokers and see the differences. If you want to rely on the advice of the editorial board, we advise you to open an account with Alpari, which has long been a leader in the Forex broker rating.

All the surveyed companies are trying to constantly improve the quality of service. Availability of a package of services for VIP-clients means improvement of reputation and reliable financial condition. The conditions for receiving VIP status are approximately the same in terms of the amount of the deposit. The privileges offered are also very similar. VIP-clients get better trading conditions and a higher level of communication and support. Significant differences can only be found in the bonuses that companies provide. Large Russian Forex brokers are interested in long-term cooperation with important clients and will do everything possible to attract and retain them!We wish you luck in choosing your company!