EURUSD, Trading range 1.1581-1.1613

Daily chart: the euro’s upward correction reached the Bollinger average band (1.1635), where there is traditionally strong dynamic resistance, which can provoke a continuation of the downtrend. This is also evidenced by the antiphase motion of the RSI oscillator and the ADX indicator. N4: the local upper Bollinger envelope was punched, which may indicate the possibility of another upward wave in the direction 1.1635 from the middle band (1.1567). N1: low trend potential indicates little volatility within the Bollinger envelope size (1.1581-1.1613) and total fleet forecast for the day. Conclusions: fleets in the range 1.1581-1.1613. Trading solutions: short-term transactions in the range 1.1581-1.1613.