EURUSD, TRADE RANGE 1.1313-1.1342

Daily chart: Signs of trend activity from the ADX indicator, as well as Bollinger envelopes – no. Apparently, the market will remain in the FLET in the upper envelope range (1.1301-1.1356).

H4: Local Bralinger Lines also save the horizontal range. Support – 1.1301, resistance – area 1.1342-1.1356. ADX is moving, but is relatively far from the trend zone.

H1: We also celebrate intraday dynamic support in the bottom of the bottom Bollinger (1.1313). We have an obvious flue forecast for today’s session.

Conclusions: Flet in the range of 1.1313-1.1342.

Trademarks: Short-term transactions in the range of 1.1313-1.1342.