EURUSD, TRADE RANGE 1.1302-1.1342

Daily chart: As was supposed, the pair could not pass the barrier in the form of resistance 1.1368 (the middle bar of the Bollinger), which led to the formation of a bearish inner bar. Such a formation could well be considered a short signal if the lower envelope would be broken (which we did not have, not). Probably, the euro will continue to consolidate at the current levels, which is talking about the drop in the Trend potential ADX. H4: Stable Local Bollinger Envelopes Limit Potential Trading corridor levels 1.1256-1.1368. Also strong support will be the middle line of the Bollinger (1.1315) H1: localize the intraday shopping corridor to 40 points (1.1302-1.1342). ADX in a weak zone, so the prediction of the flee is. Conclusions: Flet in the range of 1.1302-1.1342. Trademarks : short-term transactions in the range of 1.1302-1.1342