EURUSD, note the promising demand zone on the euro

Daily chart: The bulls could not overcome the barrier in the form of the top strip of the Bollinger (1.1150), which led to the beginning of a fairly intensive correction. The likely goal of kickback is dynamic support in the middle line of the Bollinger (1.1016)

N4 : locally pair is traded to a decrease, while in the lower envelope. Lower range of range – 1.0992-1.1016. An active demand for euros is possible here.

H1: The range of intraday consolidation within the lower envelope of the Bollinger (1.10443-1.1075). After the progress, the couple will go on the refinement of the zone 1.0992-1.1016.

Conclusions: Reduced in Zone 1.0992-1.1016.


1. Sales by 1.0992-1.1016.

2. Purchases from the zone 1.0992-1.1016.