Eurusd, note the likely depth of euro decrease

daily graph : So, we state the rebound from the upper band of the Bolinger, which led to the formation of an inside bara and the beginning of correction. The minimum purpose of the rollback is the middle strip of the Bolinger (0.9909), although, taking into account the lack of breakdown of the upper envelope, everything can result in an even stronger fall.

N4 : ADX trend potential is not too large, so the bears will surely have problems in the zone 0.9909-0.9940, from where one more rollback of the tops can be expected to the 1.0019 zone (average Bolinger strip).

N1 : an attempt to break the lower envelope of the Bollinger occurs without trend support ADX, so the probability of a decrease below 0.9949 must be evaluated as a small one.

Conclusions :

The main scenario is a decrease to 0.9949, then rollback to 1.0019.

Alternative scenario – fall to 0.9909.

Trade decisions :

1. Purchases from 0.9949 to 1.0019.

2. Sales from 1.0019.