Eurusd, it is possible to restore the euro above the parity

daily graph : The sweeping fltea continues within the lower envelope of the Bolinger. Given the Friday factor, when the markets are going to the weekend, this trend will most likely remain.

N4: The ascending phase of movement is potentially limited by the upper boundary of the Bolinger envelopes (region 1.0070-1.0085). There are also questions with how buyers will cope with the psychological barrier of 1.0000.

H1: Very complex brewer was met in zone 0.9989-1.0004. As soon as it is pierced (and If it is penetrated) – it will be more bold to say that the euro has switched to restoration.

Conclusions: Growth in the direction 1.0070-1.0085.

Trade decisions: purchases to 1.0070-1.0085.