EURUSD, celebrate the potential zone of turning down

Daily chart: The lower band of the Bollinger fell even lower, under the round level 1.0800, which makes this zone key target for medium-term sellers. But bulls have the ability to test the dynamic resistance area 1.1086 before turning

H4: Also, the strong local resistance can be met at 1.1047 (the top line of the Bollinger). This level can be perceived by the same area with daytime resistance 1.1086.

H1: inside the day The growth potential is maintained in the direction 1.1062-1.1087, which, in general, coincides with previously made conclusions. We are waiting for the refinement of the specified zone and the subsequent turn down.

Conclusions: Height in the direction of the zone 1.1062-1.1086, then turn down.


1. Purchases to 1.1062-1.1086.

2. Sales from the zone 1.1062-1.1086.